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Why Motorcycle Enthusiasts Rely on Prescription Wiley X Glasses: 5 Key Reasons



Wiley X prescription glasses

Summer is here, and bikers are ready to get out on the road and get away from life’s stresses. For motorcycle riders, nothing compares to the incredible freedom of speeding down the main road with the breeze blowing in their hair. Riding your bike and taking in the scenery outside is the best kind of sightseeing.

It is crucial to always carry your Wiley X safety glasses, whether you are spending the weekend away from home or simply taking in the sunshine. For several reasons, motorcycle glasses are great. First, they shield your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays, which might cause cancer. Second, you won’t see as well in the wind, which will decrease visibility.

Additionally, wileyx glasses will help you see clearer in the rain by preventing water away from your eyes. Finally, dirt and debris that shoots up from the earth are a common problem for motorcycle riders. Eyewear protects from these things the eyes. It goes without saying that if you use prescription eyewear, you must have them for the best visibility. For motorcycle lovers, Wiley X prescription glasses are the best option.

  1. Sturdiness

You want durability when riding your bike on the road. Anything that is not built to last, whether it be your glasses or the bike you ride, is not something worth thinking about. Wiley X provides extremely robust riding eyewear.

They take great satisfaction in making sure that all adults wearing motorcycle riding glasses conform to a set of requirements. What precisely are these criteria? The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is responsible for overseeing and establishing safety requirements for the United States and other countries. The ANSI Z87.1 standard is one such example. The design, specifications for performance, and mark of eye and face protection are prescribed by this regulation. When a product is certified higher than ANSI Z87.1, you can be sure it meets the highest safety standards. All adult Wileyx sunglasses satisfies ANSI Z87.1 standards.

This indicates that eyewear satisfies the criteria for high mass impact and high velocity. Glasses have to pass a stringent testing process to meet ANSI Z87.1 requirements. The lens needs to “retain a 2.0 mm during high impact” to meet the high-impact/high-velocity criteria. Also subjected to extensive testing are frames.

  • Credibility

Knowing that the brand you choose to safeguard your eyes is renowned and respected gives you peace of mind. Wiley X has an extensive record of offering exceptional eyewear safety to people who lead active lifestyles.

Their initial effort involved producing safety glasses for individuals serving in the armed forces and law enforcement. Wileyx glasses symbolized the “U.S. Armed Forces and Special Forces units”. 

They gained a reputation for making sturdy eyewear as a result. Then they quickly started marketing to those leading a range of busy lifestyles as their reputation for quality and dependability extended to other industries.

  • Protection

Wiley X prescription glasses are renowned for being exceptionally safe due to their exceptional quality and longevity. You wish to be as secure as you can when driving a motorcycle. Your eyes and face are susceptible to injury in the case of a mishap or small fall. Motorcycle riders have benefited greatly from the use of Wiley X safety glasses in these circumstances.

  • Fashion

You may ride in individuality and safety when you use Wiley X because it’s also crucial to look amazing while cycling. Wiley X has many fashionable qualities for prescription eyewear. The following are a few highlights that will interest users of Wiley X:

  • Frame Variety: You can choose from a wide range of frames, such as the Kryptek design and solid hues. Though it does not employ the conventional stick and leaf pattern, the Kryptek design is comparable to camouflage. It makes use of a net pattern alternatively. Thus, a three-dimensional effect is produced.
  • Colors of Lenses: There are many various colors of lenses, such as silver, black, green, blue mirror, yellow, and gold mirror.
  • Options

The Wiley X brand gives customers options for products in addition to a wide range of styles. They have multiple lines of eyewear, each with unique qualities. These are the top 4 eyewear collections from them.

Climate Control: You receive protection, comfort, and style when you wear Climate Control eyewear. The series focuses on seals for the detachable facial cavities. These foam-filled cavity seals fit tightly around the inside rim of glasses. 

This functions to filter off stray sunlight and dust particles. Select Filter 8 polarized lenses or LA light adjusting lenses. “Automatically change lens hue with altering UV light conditions” is how LA light-adjusting lenses are described.

The filter 8 layers of lenses combine to form 8 polarized lenses, which serve to lessen glares. A fantastic lens with “100% polarization and 100% UV protection” is the finished product.

Active Lifestyle: Wiley X’s active line combines optimal protection with a stylish appearance. High-impact lenses are impervious to breakage. Polycarbonate plastic lenses satisfy both the OSHA and the ANSI requirements. “Double infused rubber nose pads for slip-resistant comfort” and rubber temple support are features found on a few of the glasses in this line.

Changeable: The Changeable series satisfies all the exacting standards that you would anticipate, including OSHA, ballistic, and high-impact requirements.

You can change the hue or shade of the lens to suit your needs at any time with interchangeable lenses. The wraparound design offers the best perspective from the peripheral view. 

Additional choices include a nose piece that can accommodate different bridge widths, telescopic temples that can adjust to different head measurements, and compatibility with night vision.

Tactical Goggles: Wiley X tactical safety goggles provide complete ballistic impact defense for motorcyclists. In addition to being fashionable, these eyeglasses meet some of the highest criteria, including the “MIL-PRF-32432(GL) Ballistic Standards.” US Federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(i) Standards, EN 166 B Resistance to High-Speed Particles, and ANSI Z87.1-2020 Impact Standards. Furthermore, fogging is avoided with a unique lens coating.


So, ride in style and safeguard your eyes by wearing eye protection. Biker preference is for Wiley X. Get in touch with right now for additional details about Wileyx safety glasses!

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