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Turkey Visa-Free Countries: Your Guide to Traveling Without a Visa



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Turkey, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, attracts travelers from around the world. If you’re planning a trip to Turkey, you’ll be pleased to know that citizens of certain countries can enter TURKEY VISA FREE COUNTRIES for short stays. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Turkey visa-free countries:

Visa Exemptions

Schengen Area Countries

Citizens of countries within the Schengen Area, including most European Union member states, can travel to Turkey visa-free for stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

United States, Canada, and United Kingdom

Citizens of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom can enter Turkey visa-free for tourist stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Australia and New Zealand

Citizens of Australia and New Zealand can enjoy visa-free travel to Turkey for stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Other Countries

Additionally, citizens of several other countries, including Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and many others, can enter Turkey visa-free for short tourist stays. The specific duration of stay permitted may vary by country, so it’s advisable to check with the Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country for the latest information.

Entry Requirements

While citizens of visa-free countries do not require a visa for short tourist stays, they must ensure they meet certain entry requirements, including:

  • Possession of a valid passport with a minimum validity of Turkey Visa from Dominica six months beyond the intended period of stay.
  • Proof of onward or return travel arrangements.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the duration of stay in Turkey.
  • Compliance with any additional entry requirements specified by Turkish immigration authorities.

Important Considerations


Visitors entering Turkey under the visa-free regime must adhere to the permitted duration of stay. Overstaying your visa-free period may result in fines, deportation, or other penalties.

Border Control

Upon arrival in Turkey, visitors from visa-free countries may be subject to passport control and entry procedures conducted by Turkish immigration authorities.


Traveling to Turkey from a visa-free country offers the convenience of hassle-free entry, allowing you to explore Turkey’s wonders without the need for a visa. However, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the entry requirements and ensure compliance with Turkish immigration regulations for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.